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Personalized Instruction 

Online tutoring is always an exclusive one-to-one session that is customized around the student's individual needs. MK supports online programs, aids in completion of assignments, explains concepts, and focuses on time management and organizational skills. 
Most importantly, students are supported in all aspects of their learning and development. MK knows her students and focuses on their total development. She connects with them between sessions through email, text messages and through the editing of papers and essays. If a student has an exam or a particularly rough day with school work, the appointment day and time will be adjusted to meet with the student when it is most effective. 
MK Tutoring works with students here in the Philadelphia area as well as NY, CA, London and China. Personalized support from the comfort of your home no matter where that may be!
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  • Whole student focus

  • Study and organizational skills

  • Time Management

  • Schoolwork and assignments across subject areas

  • Literacy and Writing

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