Who Is MK Tutoring?

MK Tutoring is an online tutoring business based in the Philadelphia area. I am the primary tutor - welcome to my business!
Tutoring is such a personal experience for a student and I become invested in their success and future. My students stay with me for many years. I attend graduations, send birthday cards, and connect with them as they grow and mature. It is the most amazing experience and I am blessed to have these students in my life. 
I started this business as an in-person tutoring center that provided occasional online tutoring to students as they went to college or moved to another state. It has changed to become online only and I find it to be very effective. The ability to personalize instruction as well as connect with students anywhere is unlimited. 
I have been in education for almost 20 years as a tutor, a teacher, and an administrator. I love the tutoring most of all. The personal connection with my students and the opportunity to support them in so many ways is so valuable and rewarding. Students will text and email on non-tutoring days to let me know they had a great day or scored high on a test. I hear from them on bad days as well when they just need reassurance. And I am here for each of them. 
Reach out and connect with me if you have questions or are considering tutoring. I am always happy to help - even if it's just a piece of objective advice!
MK Fisher

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